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Hi! My name is Catt Russell!

I’m just like you. Well, sort of. My family (husband, Jack, and son, Josh) and I live in the suburbs. Oh, and I can’t forget Gramps, either! Apart from the fact that he’d never let me hear the end of it, he’s always been there for me, and so I kind of owe him. Gramps used to live at the Sunnyview Rest Home. Now he lives with us. We’re still working out the bugs but, for the most part, we’re just one big happy family.

My best friend, Jilly, is the kind of friend who is always looking out for me. We’ve known each other since we were small children and, even then, I can truthfully say that if there was trouble to get into, it had our names on it. Either Jilly’s just naturally attracted to it, or it’s been following us around for years just waiting for the opportunity to leap out and surprise us. Lately, it’s been doing a really good job of that. But that’s okay. What are best friends for?

And speaking of trouble, my own life has taken a recent startling change. While I’m hoping this is for the better, I must admit I’m having to accept some new concepts and difficult truths. Mainly about myself, and the weird stuff that keeps happening to me. But also about how I now get to view the world. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? How adaptable people really are, that is. Who knew I would actually be able to accept the concept of my new strange abilities? Who would have thought that a stay at home soccer mom would have so much fun? And the best part? I get to snoop to my heart’s content. Who’s to know?

Join me on my adventures. Maybe we can get into some mischief together. Though, remember, we don’t need to look. It will find us.




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