Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to be a writer. Or, maybe, an artist. Oh heck, why not both? She wrote and she wrote and she wrote and she wrote. When she wasn’t writing, she was drawing, drawing, drawing. Everyone was very impressed, everyone, that is, being her parents and her teachers. Other kids, including her big brother, were not so easily impressed. They wanted to be the “best ‘drawer’ in the class” instead of her. They wanted to get the praise she did for her writing ability. They neither liked the little girl, nor hated her, for her talents. They were just plain jealous. The little girl was confused. She didn’t want to be the best ‘drawer’ or, for that matter, the best ‘writer’. Or wait, maybe she did. But one thing was for sure. She just wanted to be published. To heck with the other kids.

As there were no fairy godmothers in the little girl’s acquaintance, and throwing pennies down the magic well failed to bring the desired results, she reasoned that she had wasted her allowance to no good avail. There were no frog princes, no fairy godmothers who would grant her magical wishes, not even a decent genie in a freakin' bottle. “What do you have to do around here to get your wish granted?” the little girl asked herself again and again.


The answer was not quite as simple as it seemed. Fairy tales don’t work that way and, besides, this was reality. So she wrote and she wrote and she wrote, and she drew and she drew and she drew. And then she wrote some more.


And this is about all of those.


Welcome to my site.


And, if you happen to know a fairy godmother, please ask her for me, “What? You couldn’t call?”



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