1967: Illustrated French text book for Grolier Canada
1967: Graduated from High School
1968: Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (University): Radio and Television Arts
1969: Writer of comic strip “Bubblegummers” (continuous)
1970- 1980: Free-lance illustration, Fine Art and Copy Writing for various magazines and newspapers (Toronto Star, Saturday Night Magazine, Toronto Life, MacDonald’s Canada, MacDonald’s Germany, Cards by Kay and others)
1972 - 1982: “Bubblegummers” syndicated
1973: Film Strip artist for International Cinemedia Center
1976: Featured at the Albright-Knox Gallery (Buffalo, N.Y.) Bi-centennial exhibition of Comic Strips
1977: First short story published, Miss Chatelaine Magazine
1981: Winner in the Toronto Star short story contest
1982 – 1989: Packaging and design consultant, script writer, under contract to Bata Shoe Organization world-wide and Bata Zimbabwe, Bata Kenya, Bata Singapore, and Bata South America
1987-89: Book illustrator, Scholastic Canada (Brenda Bellingham and other authors)
1989 – 1991: Tour of Scotland, England, Holland and Belgium
1992 – 1996: Gallery Exhibitions
1998: Book illustration for Mondo Publishing, New York
1998 – Present: Co-Owner, Cyrus Wakefield Incorporated
2007: Created the Catt Russell Mysteries (on-going series)


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